Sunday, January 11, 2009

Young Mula baby (Huh?)

All i could say was poor poor Drake. He doesnt belong in the midst of this fuckery.

If this is young Money I Know i can go ahead in the middle of East new York Brooklyn South Jamaica Queens Harlem, (Maybe) Atlanta, Louisiana and find a bunch of thugs and 1 pretty bitch with a smart mouth and tities hanging out (Excuse my french) and make me a record label.

Anyway i guess there all talented (I Actually Like Drake) i dont know one big ball of fuckery.

Watch, And Nicki Minaj Your about to be featured in a post.

"We wont have no Nipples exposesd like Janet" TOO LATE!


Miss.Fortune said...

ok i like(d) nicki minaj...her raps atleast..i never gave a damn to hear her talk..i had to rewind like 5 times to hear exactly what she said..and i thought i talk fast? hell naw...

i LOVE DRAKE! he need his OWN record label..he dont belong there( i dont even think i heard him say one word)

and who is that lil thing n the background talkin bout step yo pu**y up..he look like he's 10yrs old..somebody need to take him back to his parents n get fired from there baby sitting duties

E-Rich said...

Like, I want Nikki Minaj to put her titties away out of respect for herself, but the man part of me, which is quite dominant, can't stop looking. I don't even give a fuck what they're talking about, I'm just glad they spent most of the time focusing on Nikki.

Davelle said...

Yea Drake Doesn't Belong Here
& Neither Does Millz... Say What You Want But J Millz Is Nice Too.