Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Soon To Be In The Air

Well Im About Wrap up My List Of Valentines Day Tracks For Hip Hop. I mean who would have thought that Hip Hop could be so sentimental?

Anyway one of the tracks off of this list is Renee By Lost Boyz which is off the Legal Drug Money Album which Dropped in 1996. The Version that I knew and loved was the version from Menace II Society With Mona Lisa On The Track.

The Homie Dom says its a "Weed Song" and not a love song, OF COURSE he was joking referring to how many times Cheeks says weed in the song. However i think this song in all it's hip hop-ness actually captures the essence of love, A different kind of love experienced in the hood undoubtedly nothing of the regular, but still love if you ask me.

Here's the Version (Or The Remix) Played On Menace II Society
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN: Renee (Remix) - Lost Boyz

Here's The Video For The LP version Of The Song:


JsophisticatedJ said...

I forgot about but happen to LOVE that song!

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

This title should be "Put One In The Air" 'cause I counted..

Cheeks refers to green _ times..

"EZ Wider"
"Philly Blunts"
"Aight well I'ma roll this blunt"
"We're smokin blunts off the balcony, starin at Manhattan"
"We smoked a blunt before we ate and a blunt after we ate dinner"
"Got dressed.. Smoked a blunt"

And that's NOT a weed song?


I love the song tho

Super Woman said...

Lol whatever dommmmm!!!!

E-Rich said...

That is a weed song. He's more descriptive about the weed than he is the relationship.

What about "All I Need" by Meth and Mary? Ah, I know you didn't forget that. RZA version please. The Bad Boy version sucks balls.

Super Woman said...


Oh All I Need is definitely on the list as well as the light by common, AND the light by pharoah monche Swoon Units By Digable Planets, whats on your mind by eric b and rakim ....And More....