Thursday, January 15, 2009

Im Signed To Universal Records Im An Artist Sir

OK We have a list of "Stupid Nigga Shit"
1- he's driving a motorcycle and he's crashing it driving recklessly
2- where's his liscense
3- he got weed on him while doing this stupid shit
4- his manager assaults an officer
5- his manager runs
6- his manager is fast as fuck
7- is he trying to use the fact that he..*cough ahem* Raps to get outta jail?
8-he thought they cared about his label
9"Thats JUST marijuana
10 .....I QUIT!! Watch the funniest video EVER.

The face is blanked out but we all know DAMN WELL THATS YOU YOUNG BERG!!!

Minus The Chain and all we know its you.

He's starting the year off with rediculous Quotables already

Cop Asks: "Do you have any firearms or drugs on you sir?"

Berg Answers: Noooo Im Not Holding"

Cop Pulls Out Weed tells other cop:"He's got marijuana on him anyway"

Young Berg says: "Thats JUST Marijuana"

He Just Wanted to Do Hood Rat Stuff With His Friends....

Maino didnt hit him hard enough
Trick Trick Didnt Beat Him Up A Much As Needed
And He didnt get enough backlash from The Dark Butts Comment


Jennifer said...

It looks like someone isn't going to be on Universal Records for long... He has got to be the DUMBEST "artist" out right now. Even his management is stupid.

LOL @ his manager wanting to take the $50K chain, because he KNOWS he can't afford to get that thing snatched! And double LOL @ him saying "the kid weighs 100lbs" Wow. Fuckery at it's finest.

E-Rich said...

Yung Berg is the laughing stock of rap right now. I'm sure Memphis Bleek is somewhere breathing a sigh of relief.

Miss.Fortune said...

fk a yung i love callin him that..
with his dumb ass..

Anonymous said...

What goes around, comes around. Some people just can't handle the kind of life they seek to live.

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Bwahahaha what an idiot.


He actually thought his ass was going to get off because he's an "artist"!?!? HaHa
& why did his manager run????
That's the most dumbest shit that I've ever seen.
Thanks for sharing:-)

Brothers Blog said...

Man I'm ashamed that this nigga is from Chicago right now. He is a jok in the industry. The manager should have just snatched the chain and ran because clearly berg is used to that. Plus he got away anyway. lol.

I'm sure once he bonds out his chain wont be with the rest of his possessions.

Nick said...

This confirms why i don't listen to this dude's music. lol. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!