Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet D-Roc + Puff Speaks On How Kim Was Portrayed

NOW! Whether you watched that video or not i have recently heard ALOT of talk around Kim doing her own movie. Not a movie on her life but a Notorious Movie. I personally think i would prefer to see Kim's Movie over Miss Wallace's (No Disrespect)

D-Roc is a real dude. He's Real Organic. (why was Diddy Trying to correct him. He knew what he was talking about)

Diddy, SMH no matter how much you want to hate this guy or you claim that you DO hate this guy i love the way he took up for Kim. I also feel (and have always felt) That B.I.G's relationship with Kim was more than what they put in the movie. Biggie loved Kim as more than an artists and me being my Outspoken self will honestly tell you that how they portrayed her was definitely other people who don't necessarily like Kim's doing. I mean look at the people surrounding the making of this movie. There was Cease (who she no longer gets along with) there was Faith, and the erst of Junior Mafia. Lets be for real.....

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Miss.Fortune said...

organic! lol we keepin it natural shit..i aint mad..
and yes i agree on the lil kim part..i was tellin my sis that last night i wish they had've done a better job with her