Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its A Big Momma Thang

As we all know KIM has been getting alot of flack and also giving alot of shade because of how she was portrayed in the Notorious movie. Despite her relationship and whatever happened between her and The Notorious BIG, Lil' Kim will eventuall be seen by her doubters and is already seen by her fans as a legend. I was just going back into the oldschool stuff, trying to re-live my Golden Years (1989-2001) and came across this Gem of Little KIM telling kids not to have sex after she performs a sex fueled and filled rendition of "No Time" Along side Diddy.

Kim may have re-arranged her face, gotten lighter in complexion etc. But she still remains as one of the hottest Rap chicks to date alongside Fox Boogie (Foxy Brown). I know you Nicki Minaj Fans would LOVE to argue me down on that but when Nick puts out a Number one selling platinum album more than one time let me know.

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Ran said...

Now I love Nick, but KIM will always be my favorite!! She's been hot since she came out and she's one of the realest female mc's. I love fox too and im waiting for her to drop that next album;o)