Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So Suge Knight is bankrupt and had to sell all his death row stuff. I knew of this auction a while ago but didn't care to post it because i just figured everyone knew Suge was broke and could care less because none of you were going to buy some overpriced bullshit. So um, Yeah.....L.A. weekly had this posted up there and i kept looking at the picture because at first glance im like wtf is this supposed to be? Suge in the closet? But now i see its supposed to be Biggie Pac And IDK who that other guy is on the side but the weed Tattoo tells me Dr. Dre (The Chronic).

I think suge had entirely TOO MUCH time on his hands.
This also goes to show how extreme this dude really was and how into the beef he was. This nigga was tripping.

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