Sunday, February 8, 2009

Foxy Brown Says 50 Got 24 Hours/ 50 Responds

So apparently 50 said something about Foxy on one of his songs about Ricky. He says: "That Cop Fucked A Fox" on his "Try Me" song. Foxy's Publicist Tells All Hip Hop That, "That Nigga got 24 hours to re-tract that what he said" and then goes on to threaten 50 with being handled Brooklyn Style.....LMAOOOOO.

Pinpin Ken has also said that 50 was tricking when he bought Rick Ross' Baby momma A Fur Coat.....LMAOOOO.

50 Responds to Both of them in this video

"That hoe done lost her mother fuckin mind..."

Comedy I Tell Ya, Pureeeee Comedy.

Have you heard the newest diss which includes a HOT verse from None other than Banks (Who still has it even though i called him washed up a while back (Blame it On T.O.S.) and Tony Yayo.

DOWNLOAD:G-Unit - I'll Be The Shooter


`*ASH McCASH said...

foxy is fuccin him. she jus went to see him last weekend. she stays wif ma cuzzin. buh hey ross triccin on fox.. aint ntn wronq wif triccin.

princessvalecia said...

LMAO That nigga gets on my last nerve but that was too funny you know he got too much time on his hands