Sunday, February 8, 2009

You've Been Hit By A Smooth Criminal

Well Im on twitter watching the Grammy's Laughing At Diplo's Tweets and Almost falling out my chair at all of the performances. I seriously think EVERYONE was high.

This will be all over the internet but i wanna put it on my blog because its my blog and i can do whatever the hell i want.

Soooo according to people, Chris Brown snuffed Rihanna an unidentified woman after telling his Limo driver to pull over and getting out. He then Gangsterly fled the crim scene after fucking her face up. Then eventually turned himself in (Hell no if im going to be a fugitive it wont be a partial fiugitive. I say he shoulda kept running)

Yall dont wanna believe me? Yall think im lying?

BAM!!! Click and enlarge that.

I dont make this shit up

You just dont snuff Rihanna an unidentified bajan woman and run from the scene!


A S H L A Y said...

lol this is good shit!

Lil Honey B said...

WOW! WTF was Chris B thankin? He prolly wasn't lol.