Tuesday, February 10, 2009

J. Holidays Album Cover Evokes This Feeling In Me

I dont know what that feeling is. It feels like ...Vodka. I feel like Vodka right now. I dont know how Vodka feels but thats what i want to call this overwhelming feeling and urge to just turn a pint of Tequila up to my face. What flag is that in the corner? I dont know. I thought he was panamanian? No ...Honduran? No....

Dont you guys think, not for one second, that Im trying to diss his album cover i actually .....like it.

UPDATE: His album drops March 10th by the way. =)


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

And you call me an alchy?

What exactly does Vodka feel like? Hmmm you sure you ain't been sippin?

You're the mess.

Nique_ Famous* said...

Can't wait for him to return to me.