Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SW's Favorite Bloggers (Pt. 2)

FIRST there was C. Jervis who mixed his life with the music. Remember that blog? Well now i want to post Dom Corleone as My Favorite blogger for the Sequal to that segment here.

Dom NEVER posts bullshit when it comes to music. He always posts the hottest songs (sometimes) and of course the great mixtapes. He's also gifted with his words. He can support or really like an artists that he's posting on his blog and whether you like it or not he's going to type something up in that post that will have you hanging onto his everyword. You can like your mainstream Hip Hop blogs all you want but trust me if you want REAL hip hop Blogs NO FRILLS and good music posts then i suggest you follow this man.

Some Of My Favorite Blogs From Dom Include:

One Good Thing About Music

And The Grammy Goes To

and OF COURSE His first interview which was interesting.

SOOO SW (thaaaats me!) has once again co-signed another blogger (Not that he needs Co-Signing) CHECK HIM OUT!!!


Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Thank you so much boo!

I hope everyone enjoys my blog :)

Peace peaaaace !!

E-Rich said...

I rarely read it, in all honesty, but that doesn't take away from it being a great blog. I don't comment much, but the fact that he's an unbiased hip-hop fan is appreciated by me and other bloggers that indluge in "Hits from the Blog".